class ObjAt is Any {}

Objects of type ObjAt are the return value of .WHICH calls on other objects, and identify an object uniquely.

If two objects compare equally via ===, their .WHICH methods return the same ObjAt object.

See also ValueObjAt for value types.


infix eqv§

multi infix:<eqv>(ObjAt:D $aObjAt:D $b)

Returns True if the two ObjAt are the same, that is, if the object they identify is the same.

my @foo = [2,3,1];
my @bar := @foo;
say @foo.WHICH eqv @bar.WHICH# OUTPUT: «True␤»


Type relations for ObjAt
raku-type-graph ObjAt ObjAt Any Any ObjAt->Any Mu Mu Any->Mu ValueObjAt ValueObjAt ValueObjAt->ObjAt

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