This web site has been reworked to take advantage of more contemporary design, styling and tooling. The underlying content about the Raku™ language and the most current Rakudo™ compiler remains the same. However, the repositories for content and for visualization of content have been separated.

A project of this size cannot be completed or maintained without the input and contributions of many individuals, and the initiative and persistence of a core group. At the time this website goes live, the following have contributed significantly to the project:

Alexander Kiryuhin @Altai-man, who adapted a web design by Ogden Webb to the Raku documentation using the Documentable tool kit.

Richard Nabil Hainsworth @finanalyst, who ported the work of @Altai-man to Collection.

Coleman McFarland @dontlaugh, who created the web infrastructure to serve the web pages and automate updates.

Will Coleda @coke, who has managed the process and brought the website on line.

The previous website, from which this visualization has borrowed heavily, was designed and maintained by many people, though we mention Moritz Lenz @moritz and JJ Merelo @JJ in particular. The many other people who have contributed to writing the documentation and tooling can be found in this Credits file.

The web site was generated as follows: