class Compiler does Systemic {}

Built-in class for providing compiler related information. Usually accessed through the compiler attribute of the $*RAKU dynamic variable.

say $*RAKU.compiler# OUTPUT: «rakudo (␤»

Note: Before Rakudo version 2020.1 this was only available through the compiler attribute of the $*PERL dynamic variable. Since Rakudo version 2020.1 this is available through both the $*RAKU and the $*PERL variables.


method id§

Returns an unique identifier, a long hexadecimal string

method release§

It's empty, but it might contain the release number for specific releases.

method codename§

It's empty, but it might contain the codename for specific releases.

method backend§

method backend()

Since Rakudo version 2020.02, returns the name of the compiler's backend.

method build-date§

method build-date()

Up to Rakudo version 2019.03.1, it returned the date when it was built.

say $* OUTPUT: «2018-05-05T21:49:43Z␤»

method verbose-config§

method verbose-config(:$say)

If $say is True, it prints the different items included in the configuration of the compiler; if it is not, returns a Hash with the same information.

say $*RAKU.compiler.verbose-config# OUTPUT: «distro::auth=␤distro::desc=2018-05-06T09:19:17.571307+02:00␤» ... And the rest of the configuration

See Also: Systemic


Type relations for Compiler
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