method Complex

Documentation for method Complex assembled from the following types:

class ComplexStr

From ComplexStr

(ComplexStr) method Complex

method Complex

Returns the Complex value of the ComplexStr.

role Real

From Real

(Real) method Complex

method Complex(Real:D: --> Complex:D)

Converts the number to a Complex with the number converted to a Num as its real part and 0e0 as the imaginary part.

class Cool

From Cool

(Cool) method Complex

Defined as:

multi method Complex()

Coerces the invocant to a Numeric and calls its .Complex method. Fails if the coercion to a Numeric cannot be done.

say 1+1i.Complex;         # OUTPUT: «1+1i␤» 
say π.Complex;            # OUTPUT: «3.141592653589793+0i␤» 
say <1.3>.Complex;        # OUTPUT: «1.3+0i␤» 
say (-4/3).Complex;       # OUTPUT: «-1.3333333333333333+0i␤» 
say "foo".Complex.^name;  # OUTPUT: «Failure␤»