role Metamodel::Versioning

Metaobjects that support versioning

role Metamodel::Versioning { ... }

Warning: this role is part of the Rakudo implementation, and is not a part of the language specification.

Metamodel role for (optionally) versioning metaobjects.

When you declare a type, you can pass it a version, author, and/or API and get them, like so:

class Versioned:ver<0.0.1>:auth<github:Kaiepi>:api<1> { }
say Versioned.^ver;  # OUTPUT: «v0.0.1␤» 
say Versioned.^auth# OUTPUT: «github:Kaiepi␤» 
say Versioned.^api;  # OUTPUT: «1␤» 

This is roughly equivalent to the following, which also sets them explicitly:

    class Versioned { }
    Versioned.^set_ver:  v0.0.1;
    Versioned.^set_auth: 'github:Kaiepi';
    Versioned.^set_api:  <1>;
say Versioned.^ver;  # OUTPUT: «v0.0.1␤» 
say Versioned.^auth# OUTPUT: «github:Kaiepi␤» 
say Versioned.^api;  # OUTPUT: «1␤» 


method ver

method ver($obj)

Returns the version of the metaobject, if any, otherwise returns Mu.

method auth

method auth($obj)

Returns the author of the metaobject, if any, otherwise returns an empty string.

method api

method api($obj)

Returns the API of the metaobject, if any, otherwise returns an empty string.

method set_ver

method set_ver($obj$ver)

Sets the version of the metaobject.

method set_auth

method set_auth($obj$auth)

Sets the author of the metaobject.

method set_api

method set_api($obj$api)

Sets the API of the metaobject.

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