In Allomorph§

See primary documentation in context for method trim

method trim(Allomorph:D:)

Calls Str.trim on the invocant's Str value.

In Str§

See primary documentation in context for method trim

method trim(Str:D: --> Str)

Remove leading and trailing whitespace. It can be used both as a method on strings and as a function. When used as a method it will return the trimmed string. In order to do in-place trimming, one needs to write .=trim

my $line = '   hello world    ';
say '<' ~ $line.trim ~ '>';        # OUTPUT: «<hello world>␤» 
say '<' ~ trim($line~ '>';       # OUTPUT: «<hello world>␤» 
say '<' ~ $line ~ '>';             # OUTPUT: «<   hello world    >␤» 
say '<' ~ $line ~ '>';             # OUTPUT: «<hello world>␤»

See also trim-trailing and trim-leading.

In Cool§

See primary documentation in context for routine trim

sub trim(Str(Cool))
method trim()

Coerces the invocant (or in sub form, its argument) to Str, and returns the string with both leading and trailing whitespace stripped.

my $stripped = '  abc '.trim;
say "<$stripped>";          # OUTPUT: «<abc>␤»