routine tc

Documentation for routine tc assembled from the following types:

class Str

From Str

(Str) routine tc

multi sub    tc(Str:D  --> Str:D)
multi method tc(Str:D: --> Str:D)

Does a Unicode "titlecase" operation, that is changes the first character in the string to title case, or to upper case if the character has no title case mapping

class Cool

From Cool

(Cool) routine tc

Defined as:

sub tc(Str(Cool))
method tc()

Coerces the invocant (or in sub form, its argument) to Str, and returns it with the first letter case-folded to title case (or where not available, upper case).

say "abC".tc;       # OUTPUT: «AbC␤»

class Allomorph

From Allomorph

(Allomorph) method tc

method tc(Allomorph:D:)

Calls on the invocant's Str value.