method prefix

Documentation for method prefix assembled from the following types:

class VM

From VM

(VM) method prefix

Instance method returning a string of the path in which the virtual machine of the VM object is installed.

class Distribution::Locally

From Distribution::Locally

(Distribution::Locally) method prefix

A prefix path to be used in conjuncture with the paths found in the metadata.

class Parameter

From Parameter

(Parameter) method prefix

Defined as:

method prefix(Parameter:D: --> Str:D)

If the parameter is slurpy, returns the marker (e.g., *, **, or +) the parameter was declared with. Otherwise, returns an empty string.

my Signature $flat-slurpy = :($a*@b);
say $flat-slurpy.params[0].prefix# OUTPUT:«␤» 
say $flat-slurpy.params[1].prefix# OUTPUT:«*␤» 
my Signature $unflat-slurpy = :($a**@b);
say $unflat-slurpy.params[0].prefix# OUTPUT:«␤» 
say $unflat-slurpy.params[1].prefix# OUTPUT:«**␤» 
my Signature $sar-slurpy = :($a+@b);
say $sar-slurpy.params[0].prefix# OUTPUT:«␤» 
say $sar-slurpy.params[1].prefix# OUTPUT:«+␤»