role Distribution::Locally does Distribution { }

Provides read access to specific files pointed at by a distributions metadata, providing the Distribution#method_content method for Distribution::Path and Distribution::Hash.


method prefix§

A prefix path to be used in conjuncture with the paths found in the metadata.

method content§

Provides Distribution#method_content

Returns an IO::Handle to the file represented by $name-path. $name-path is a relative path as it would be found in the metadata such as lib/Foo.rakumod or resources/foo.txt, and these paths will be prefixed with Distribution#method_prefix.


Type relations for Distribution::Locally
raku-type-graph Distribution::Locally Distribution::Locally Distribution Distribution Distribution::Locally->Distribution Mu Mu Any Any Any->Mu Distribution::Path Distribution::Path Distribution::Path->Distribution::Locally Distribution::Path->Any Distribution::Hash Distribution::Hash Distribution::Hash->Distribution::Locally Distribution::Hash->Any

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