method arity

Documentation for method arity assembled from the following types:

class Signature

From Signature

(Signature) method arity

method arity(Signature:D: --> Int:D)

Returns the minimal number of positional arguments required to satisfy the signature.

class ForeignCode

From ForeignCode

(ForeignCode) method arity

method arity()

Returns the arity of the enclosed code.

class Code

From Code

(Code) method arity

Defined as:

method arity(Code:D: --> Int:D)

Returns the minimum number of positional arguments that must be passed in order to call the code object. Any optional or slurpy parameters in the code object's Signature do not contribute, nor do named parameters.

sub argless() { }
sub args($a$b?{ }
sub slurpy($a$b*@c{ }
say &argless.arity;             # OUTPUT: «0␤» 
say &args.arity;                # OUTPUT: «1␤» 
say &slurpy.arity;              # OUTPUT: «2␤»