method WHY

Documentation for method WHY assembled from the following types:

role Metamodel::Documenting

From Metamodel::Documenting

(Metamodel::Documenting) method WHY

method WHY()

Returns the documentation for a type.

class Mu

From Mu

(Mu) method WHY

multi method WHY(Mu: --> Pod::Block::Declarator)

Returns the attached Pod::Block::Declarator.

For instance:

#| Initiate a specified spell normally 
sub cast(Spell $s{
#= (do not use for class 7 spells) 
say &cast.WHY;
# OUTPUT: «Initiate a specified spell normally␤(do not use for class 7 spells)␤» 

See Pod declarator blocks for details about attaching Pod to variables, classes, functions, methods, etc.