class X::TypeCheck is Exception { }

Error class thrown when a type check fails.


method operation§

method operation(--> Str:D)

Returns a string description of the operation that failed, for example "assignment", "binding", "return".

method got§

method got()

Returns the object that failed to type check

method expected§

method expected()

Returns the type object against which the check failed.


Type relations for X::TypeCheck
raku-type-graph X::TypeCheck X::TypeCheck Exception Exception X::TypeCheck->Exception Mu Mu Any Any Any->Mu Exception->Any X::TypeCheck::Assignment X::TypeCheck::Assignment X::TypeCheck::Assignment->X::TypeCheck X::TypeCheck::Splice X::TypeCheck::Splice X::TypeCheck::Splice->X::TypeCheck X::TypeCheck::Binding X::TypeCheck::Binding X::TypeCheck::Binding->X::TypeCheck X::TypeCheck::Return X::TypeCheck::Return X::TypeCheck::Return->X::TypeCheck

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