class X::Syntax::Number::RadixOutOfRange does X::Syntax { }

Syntax error that is thrown when the radix of a radix number is not allowed, like :1<1> or :42<ouch>.


method radix§

method radix(--> Int:D)

The offensive radix.


Type relations for X::Syntax::Number::RadixOutOfRange
raku-type-graph X::Syntax::Number::RadixOutOfRange X::Syntax::Number::RadixOutOfRange Exception Exception X::Syntax::Number::RadixOutOfRange->Exception X::Syntax X::Syntax X::Syntax::Number::RadixOutOfRange->X::Syntax Mu Mu Any Any Any->Mu Exception->Any X::Comp X::Comp X::Comp->Exception X::Syntax->Exception X::Syntax->X::Comp

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