class X::Scheduler::CueInNaNSeconds is Exception { }

When calling ThreadPoolScheduler.cue or CurrentThreadScheduler.cue with :at, :in, or :every as NaN, this exception gets thrown. For example, the following code:

my Cancellation $c = $*SCHEDULER.cue({
    say 'This will never output :(';
}at => NaN);

Throws with:

Cannot pass NaN as a number of seconds to Scheduler.cue

This class only exists in releases 2019.05 and later.


Type relations for X::Scheduler::CueInNaNSeconds
raku-type-graph X::Scheduler::CueInNaNSeconds X::Scheduler::CueInNaNSeconds Exception Exception X::Scheduler::CueInNaNSeconds->Exception Mu Mu Any Any Any->Mu Exception->Any

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