class X::Redeclaration does X::Comp { }

Thrown when a symbol (variable, routine, type, parameter, ...) is redeclared. Note that redeclarations are generally fine in an inner scope, but if the redeclaration appears in the same scope as the original declaration, it usually indicates an error and is treated as one.


my $xmy $x;

dies with

Redeclaration of symbol $x

It works with routines too:

sub f() { }
sub f() { }

dies with

Redeclaration of routine f

But those are fine

my $x;
sub f() {
    my $x;          # not a redeclaration, 
                    # because it's in an inner scope 
    sub f() { };    # same 


method symbol§

Returns the name of the symbol that was redeclared.

method what§

Returns the kind of symbol that was redeclared. Usually symbol, but can also be routine, type etc.

method postfix§

Returns a string that is attached to the end of the error message. It usually explains the particular problem in more detail, or suggests way to fix the problem.