class X::Parameter::Twigil does X::Comp { }

Thrown when a parameter in a signature has a twigil that it may not have. Only !, . and * as twigils are allowed.


sub f($=foo{ }

dies with

In signature parameter $=fooit is illegal to use the = twigil


method parameter§

The name of the offensive parameter ($=foo in the example above)

method twigil§

The illegally used twigil.


Type relations for X::Parameter::Twigil
raku-type-graph X::Parameter::Twigil X::Parameter::Twigil Exception Exception X::Parameter::Twigil->Exception X::Comp X::Comp X::Parameter::Twigil->X::Comp Mu Mu Any Any Any->Mu Exception->Any X::Comp->Exception

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