class X::Method::NotFound is Exception {}

Thrown when the user tries to call a method that isn't there.

For example


No such method 'no-such' for invocant of type 'Int'


method method§

method method(--> Str:D)

Returns the method name that was invoked.

method typename§

method typename(--> Str:D)

Returns the name of the invocant type.

method private§

method private(--> Bool:D)

Returns True for private methods, and False for public methods.

method addendum§

method addendum(--> Str:D)

Returns additional explanations or hints.

Note: addendum was introduced in Rakudo 2019.03.


Type relations for X::Method::NotFound
raku-type-graph X::Method::NotFound X::Method::NotFound Exception Exception X::Method::NotFound->Exception Mu Mu Any Any Any->Mu Exception->Any

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