class IO::Spec

Platform specific operations on file and directory paths

class IO::Spec { }

Objects of this class are not used directly but as a sub-class specific to the platform perl is running on via the $*SPEC variable which will contain an object of the appropriate type.

The sub-classes are documented separately, with the platform-specific differences documented in IO::Spec::Cygwin, IO::Spec::QNX, IO::Spec::Unix and IO::Spec::Win32.

NOTE: the IO::Spec::* classes provide low-level path operations. Unless you're creating your own high-level path manipulation routines, you don't need to use IO::Spec::*. Use IO::Path instead.

NOTE2: no special validation is done by these classes (e.g. check whether path contains a null character). It is the job of higher-level classes, like IO::Path, to do that.


Type Graph

Type relations for IO::Spec
perl6-type-graph IO::Spec IO::Spec Any Any IO::Spec->Any Mu Mu Any->Mu IO::Spec::Unix IO::Spec::Unix IO::Spec::Unix->IO::Spec IO::Spec::QNX IO::Spec::QNX IO::Spec::QNX->IO::Spec::Unix IO::Spec::Win32 IO::Spec::Win32 IO::Spec::Win32->IO::Spec::Unix IO::Spec::Cygwin IO::Spec::Cygwin IO::Spec::Cygwin->IO::Spec::Unix

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