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An instance of a class is also called an object in some other programming languages. It has storage for attributes and is often the return value of a call to a method called new, or a literal.

Instances of most types are defined to be True e.g., defined($instance) is True.

my Str $str = "hello";  ## this is with built-in types, e.g. Str 
if defined($str{
    say "Oh, yeah. I'm defined.";
else {
    say "No. Something off? ";
## if you wanted objects... 
class A {
    # nothing here for now. 
my $an_instance =;
say $an_instance.defined.raku;# defined($an_instance) works too.

To put things another way, a class contains the blueprints of methods and attributes, and an instance carries it into the real world.