In Operators§

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sub infix:<x>($a$b --> Str:D)

String repetition operator.

Repeats the string $a $b times, if necessary coercing $a to Str and $b to Int. Returns an empty string if $b <= 0. An exception X::Numeric::CannotConvert will be thrown if $b is -Inf or NaN.

say 'ab' x 3;           # OUTPUT: «ababab␤» 
say 42 x 3;             # OUTPUT: «424242␤» 
my $a = 'a'.IO;
my $b = 3.5;
say $a x $b;            # OUTPUT: «aaa␤»

In IO::Path§

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method x(IO::Path:D: --> Bool:D)

Returns True if the invocant is a path that exists and is executable. The method will fail with X::IO::DoesNotExist if the path points to a non-existent filesystem entity.

NOTE: If the file is a script (an executable text file and not a native executable), and the file has only executable permissions and no read permissions, this method will return True but trying to execute will fail. That is a limitation of the operating system.

In IO::Special§

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method x(IO::Special:D: --> False)

The 'execute access' file test operator, always returns False.