routine set

Documentation for routine set assembled from the following types:

class Collation

From Collation

(Collation) method set

Defined as:

method set (
    Int :$primary    = 1,
    Int :$secondary  = 1,
    Int :$tertiary   = 1,
    Int :$quaternary = 1)

Sets if the different levels should be used in ascending or descending order, or if they are going to be ignored (when set to 0).

say 'a' coll 'z'# OUTPUT: «Less» 
say 'a' coll 'z'# OUTPUT: «More» 

class Set

From Set

(Set) sub set

sub set(*@args --> Set)

Creates a Set from the given @args

class SetHash

From SetHash

(SetHash) method set

Defined as:

method set(SetHash:D: \to-set --> Nil)

When given single key, set adds it to the SetHash. When given a List, Array, Seq, or any other type that does the Iterator Role, set adds each element of the Iterator as key to the SetHash.

Note: since version 2020.02.