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(Independent routines) routine note

Defined as:

method note(Mu: -->Bool:D)
multi sub note(            --> Bool:D)
multi sub note(Str:D $note --> Bool:D)
multi sub note(**@args     --> Bool:D)

Like say (in the sense it will invoke the .gist method of the printed object), except it prints output to $*ERR handle (STDERR). If no arguments are given to subroutine forms, will use string "Noted".

note;       # STDERR OUTPUT: «Noted␤» 
note 'foo'# STDERR OUTPUT: «foo␤» 
note 1..*;  # STDERR OUTPUT: «1..Inf␤» 

This command will also autothread on Junctions, and is guaranteed to call gist on the object if it's a subclass of Str.