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From Type system

(Type system) trait hides

The trait hides provides inheritance without being subject to re-dispatching.

class A {
    method m { say 'i am hidden' }
class B hides A {
    method m { nextsame }
    method n { self.A::m }
};;  # No output;  # OUTPUT: «i am hidden␤»

The trait is hidden allows a class to hide itself from re-dispatching.

class A is hidden {
    method m { say 'i am hidden' }
class B is A {
    method m { nextsame }
    method n { self.A::m }
} No output OUTPUT: «i am hidden␤»

Classes declared with is hidden also generate slightly different method signatures. To facilitate re-dispatch, typical methods are automatically provided with an extra *%_ parameter that captures extra named arguments. Because classes declared with is hidden don't participate in re-dispatch, their methods don't receive this extra parameter.

role Metamodel::MultipleInheritance

From Metamodel::MultipleInheritance

(Metamodel::MultipleInheritance) method hides

method hides($obj)

Returns a list of all hidden parent classes.