infix (>=), infix ⊇

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language documentation Sets, bags, and mixes

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(Sets, bags, and mixes) infix (>=), infix ⊇

Returns True if $a is a superset of or equal to $b, else False. More information, Wikipedia definition.

language documentation Operators

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(Operators) infix (>=), infix ⊇

multi sub infix:«(>=)»($a,$b --> Bool:D)

Superset of or equal to operator.

Returns True if $a is a superset of $b, i.e., that all the elements of $b are elements of $a but $a is a larger or equal sized set than $b.

say (1,2,3(>=) (2,3,1); # OUTPUT: «True␤» 
say (1,2,3(>=) (2,3);   # OUTPUT: «True␤» 
say 4  (1,2,3);          # OUTPUT: «False␤»