infix (.), infix ⊍

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language documentation Sets, bags, and mixes

From Sets, bags, and mixes

(Sets, bags, and mixes) infix (.), infix ⊍

Returns the Baggy multiplication of its arguments. More information.

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(Operators) infix (.), infix ⊍

multi sub infix:<(.)>(**@p)

Baggy multiplication operator.

Returns the Baggy multiplication of its arguments, i.e., a Bag that contains each element of the arguments with the weights of the element across the arguments multiplied together to get the new weight. Returns a Mix if any of the arguments is a Mixy.

say <a b c> (.) <a b c d># OUTPUT: «Bag(a b c)␤» 
                           # Since 1 * 0 == 0, in the case of 'd' 
say <a a b c a d>  bag(<a a b c c>); # OUTPUT: «Bag(a(6) b c(2))␤»